Textile Resins


The ASTATEX Line offers thermosetting Liquid resins, specially formulated for use in the textile industry. Either applied on the surface of a material to form a coating or applied to the amorphous region of a material to impart crease resisting properties.

·       Improves resilience, handle and draping properties of fabrics.
·       Increase in weight.
·       Increase strength of rayon in both hot and cold state.
·       Decrease extension of rayon with freedom from distortion.
·       Improves retention of creases and pleats.

Metric Tonnes (MT)

  • IBC Containers
  • Road Tankers
  • Drum

What kind of chemicals do you have?

  • We specialize in Formaldehyde based Resin & adhesives, specifically for the manufacturing industries.

Can I enquire about a specific product?

  • Yes! Kindly include product code in enquiry form. A technical sales member will be in touch to further understand your needs before we recommend a specific product.

I do not know what product line I should enquire about..

  • Help is on the way! Kindly let us know about your requirements, for what application, expected monthly usage, location of facility, delivery method and we will get back to you as soon as possible!