Research and development is essential to the demands of the ever-changing global marketplace. ASTACHEM’s constant efforts to research and develop new products has gained us a reputation of manufacturing quality products with innovative solutions. This innovation is a cornerstone that allows us to craft solutions for our customers while enabling us to grow and expand our product portfolio. All our products are developed with a “total-benefit” approach that ensures energy savings, reduced waste, increased production efficiency and the ability to meet global standards.


At AstaChem, we believe in investing for the future. We see technological advances as investment opportunities that enable us to not only keep up with our customer demands, but also allow us to continue producing reliable high quality products. As we seek to grow together with our customers, we know and understand that our facilities play a key role in our success. We will continue to invest in the technology, equipment, machinery and human capital to surpass expectations.


We take importance in the care of our customers regardless of the different environments in which they operate. ASTACHEM not only crafts solutions for our customers, we ensure technical support assistance to optimize the use of our products and our customers processes.